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If you wanna read this later, why not watch our 2015 sizzle reel NOW!

At Door Knocker Media we’ve made a habit out of celebrating the success of our clients. Each view, each sale, each triumph serves as a testament to our passion for making kick-ass video content.   From the weighty to the whimsical, we are thankful for each production that filled our days (and nights) over the past year.

Campaigns for Kodiak Boots, RBC, 3DLightFX, Lilydale, Age Off, Vaughan Mills and Me to We, garnered millions of views online.   And keeping the pizza delivery place busy, the Door Knocker team also produced the first ever U.S. We Day special for the ABC Television Network. Spend a few minutes and check out the work that has kept us working.


Our year began in the beautiful, Haliburton Highlands where we filmed HotKid’s ‘Here4U’ video.  Trudging through snow that was often waist deep, the process was both arduous and completely rewarding. With curious onlookers at every step, we handmade an igloo out of hundreds of frozen blocks and lit it up to be featured in the videos final shots. (fun fact – milk cartons make for a wonderful mold). With a great track and breathtaking visuals, the video got airplay on Much Music and several of Canada’s top music blogs including Exclaim! and Ride The Tempo.  The fantastic crew and talented band braved the coldest day in 2015 to make this video such a success and we can’t thank them enough.


We spent the next 6 months in full WE Day mode, working one-on-one with celebrities like Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Jennifer Hudson and Tyrese Gibson in the first EVER U.S. primetime broadcast special.  The show was inspiring, heartfelt, uplifting and a mega success—even trending globally on Twitter.  After a herculean team effort to produce the broadcast, seeing the DKM logo appear in HD on ABC was the best reward the team could have asked for!

Concept Art

Concept Art and Frames from Star Wars: The Ultimate Collector |  3DLightFX

Next, we worked with talented Big Brother Canada costume designers to create incredibly detailed R2D2 and Admiral Akbar outfits for our 3DLightFX: Star Wars – The Ultimate Collector short film (shot with true anamorphic lenses-yes we’re camera nerds too)  Our accompanying piece featured a young Jedi battling his “evil” sister in an imaginary universe, also aired across North America in previews before the Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiere. As HUGE Star Wars fans, it’s safe to say that this project was a childhood dream come true.


Last summer, we took over 3 floors of the Humber College dormitory in Toronto for our RBC: Bank To School viral short. Poking fun of how phoney stock video images are compared to the reality of being in school, the campaign successfully resonated with students.  The dorm room vibe brought out the millennial in all of us and we had a blast filming with the RBC family!

kodiakOver 2 days and 5 locations, we shot an inspiring fashion feature for Kodiak – Canada’s Boot. Taking us from the city streets to forest trail, Kodiak’s full style collection was cinematically shot and included breathtaking drone images from high above Northern Ontario. We were so honored to work with this iconic Canadian brand and showcase their line of super stylish (and we learned uber-comfortable) footwear.  Kudos to all involved – a definite highlight of 2015.


Airing across North America on TV and online, we had the joy of working with Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell on the The WE Rafiki PSA campaign. Using colour isolation technology and frame-by-frame rotoscoping, we created a unique visual experience to powerfully emphasize the beautiful bracelets that empower women in East Africa and give back to their communities. It’s not every day that production companies have the opportunity to create content that will really change the lives of others and we are thankful for every frame.


And now to the whimsical. We said NO to Ma’am in our cheeky spot for the Age Off collection, total body anti-aging serums.   The spot playfully adventured through one woman’s struggle to stop being called Ma’am. From the vibrant art direction to the ingenious improvisation by our comedic actors, the laughs were non-stop on set.


Our year ended as it should, with the pure spirit of the holidays. Promoting Vaughan Mills’ Tiny Big Town Santa experience, it was all hands on deck for this epic short that told the tale of four families and the real meaning of Christmas. The video was instrumental in driving traffic to Tiny Big Town and ultimately supporting Vaughan Mills’ goal of raising $150, 000 for the Sick Kids Foundation.   We also had the honour of scripting and animating the special Elf feature that played for each child as they spent time with Santa. It was an absolute pleasure working with the Vaughan Mills team – a great way to end 2015 and kick off into more adventures for 2016!!