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Across America Good Things Are Happening


Across America, Good Things Are Happening

On Friday, August 21st  We Day will air on ABC for audiences across the United States for the very first time.

“Across America, Good Things Are Happening.”

These are the first words you hear from actor Dennis Haysbert as the one hour special begins. We are so often presented with narratives of tragedy, violence and hate; to witness that good things are happening across America feels good. To be able to share it with millions, feels even better.

The cool thing about We Day is you have to earn your way in. There are no tickets to be purchased.  You get in by doing good things—for your school, your community, and the world.

I have a brilliant business partner- Executive Producer Karen Barzilay. Her journey to the ABC broadcast has been an incredible one and I’m grateful for being taken on the ride. This year we had the privilege to tell some of the stories of youth who have ‘earned their ticket’.  It was difficult deciding which stories as there are no shortage of amazing young people across America making a difference.  Travelling across the country from Delaware to California, we were continually blown away by change makers across the nation.

It was also amazing to work with celebrities who gave of themselves and showed their love for the show. From our host Selena Gomez, to moving speeches by Common and Tyrese Gibson and tin can phone calls between Kid President and Demi Lovato –to say it was inspiring or that it gave us hope for the future downplays what we experienced.

It was an honor to tell these stories and be a part of bringing We Day to audiences across the United States. Selflessly, with vigor and passion—these youth are changing the world. They are doing it through acts of kindness, through volunteerism and always with love.

There are thousands of these stories to tell and I hope WE can keep telling them for years to come.

Matt Finlin

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